What’s your story? Every brand has a story to tell and we would love to hear yours. Here’s a list of the services we offer for you to pick and choose to suit your project needs.

Creative development

Whether you have an established concept or want us to start from scratch, we love getting creative. Our storyboards and script-writing are an exciting part of the process that involve plenty of research, thought and discussion, both within our team and with the client. We will thrash it out until we get it just right.

Production planning

We plan every part of a production shoot in minute detail to ensure a smooth, efficient and cost-effective service. We know just how important it is to get the planning right, from sourcing specialist equipment to ordering breakfast rolls.

The shoot

Whatever the project, we guarantee a highly professional and fully comprehensive shoot experience. We go above and beyond to capture everything we could possibly need – and then some more. If it takes 20 takes to capture the perfect shot, that’s exactly what we will do for you.


As a result of the detailed planning and production, our experienced editors can weave the raw footage into the compelling story that achieves your goal. We invite you to join us in our high-spec editing suites to fully immerse yourself in the process.

Motion Graphics

It’s the final touches that really make the difference. Our motion graphics specialists are experts in communicating complex messages using striking visuals.

The Studio

Lights, camera, action: come and experience the freedom of working in our purpose-built, on-site film studio, just 20 minutes from the M50. The Studio is 80 square metres of flexible space complete with professional lighting, cameras and sound recording.

The Screening Room

Our state-of-the art immersive cinema space can screen any media type up to 4K. It’s as high-spec and high-tech as it comes: SONY 4K laser cinema projector with calibrated colour space, and calibrated audio and acoustic treatment, so you get to view and hear your media piece at its best.

Recording Studio

This acoustically neutral room is tailormade for voice recordings. From voiceovers to podcasts, this is the space for you.

Virtual tours

Music library and music composition

We have access to extensive music content that we can license for any purpose. Let our expert ears guide you…

Stock library of images and footage

Let us help you by researching and sourcing stock footage to supplement and enrich your video project.